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ADR stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution, and refers to a collection of methods of resolving disputes outside of the traditional court system. ADR is generally classified into four main types: negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration. Collaborative law is a recently new method that can also be grouped under the ADR bracket.

The qualities of being less adversarial in nature, attempting to resolve disputes by co-operative action, and resolving disputes amicably are common to all types of ADR. Mediation and negotiation are most focused towards resolving disputes by agreement between the parties than the other types of ADR. Mediation and negotiation are thus often the first steps in attempting to resolve a dispute through ADR. Mediation may then be followed by conciliation or arbitration, if unsuccessful.

Mediation involves sitting down with an impartial third party - the ‘mediator’ - who guides the mediation process towards a resolution. As mediation is a voluntary process, both parties must be willing to try to reach a solution. The mediator cannot impose a solution on the parties, and any agreement reached is unenforceable unless subsequently drawn up in a legally binding form, such as a compromise agreement.

Mediation can be suitable in many fields, such as family disputes, disputes with neighbours, employment disputes and commercial disputes. A successful mediation can not only result in a solution that all parties are happy with, but can also preserve the relationship between the parties. It is also generally cheaper and more time-efficient than court proceedings, which can drag on for long periods of time and result in an outcome that none of the parties is particularly pleased with. If you have a dispute that you think may be able to be resolved amicably you should speak to a mediator or a solicitor who is experienced in mediation to get their advice.

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