The role of Contact Law’s telephone advisors


By Richard Probert

When you call into Contact Law for one of our recommended solicitors, the first person you speak to will be one of our team of telephone advisors. Our telephone advisors are dedicated to locating the best specialised solicitor for your individual needs.

But what is a telephone advisor and why are they essential in the solicitor hunting process?

Harry Pitcher, senior manager of the Contact Law telephone advisors team, had this to say: “A telephone advisor at Contact Law needs the ability to reassure a client who is panicking or worried, advise a client when appropriate, have the ability and knowledge to know what the client needs, and then be on hand to help whenever needed throughout the whole complicated process of instructing a solicitor. It can be a painful journey but a telephone advisor will help to relieve this as best they can from start to finish.”

Basically a telephone advisor bridges the gap between you and the solicitor, and makes sure that your expectations are met by the recommended firm.

This means that instead of choosing a firm at random and perhaps spending money needlessly, a telephone advisor will be on call to firstly listen to your matter, discuss it with you, and find out what exactly it is that you need from a solicitor. Once this is established from the initial conversation, a telephone advisor can then take the criteria outlined by you and established through a series of questions and find the right firm to match your needs.

The beauty of this service is that it saves you the unpleasant experience of choosing an unknown firm at random of which you have no previous experience or knowledge. This can potentially save you a lot of time, and most importantly, it can save you money.

Even more impressively, Contact Law is a free service for you, the client, and our experienced telephone advisors will not only find the right firm for you, but also get the chosen solicitor to give you a free, no-obligation telephone call as an introduction to themselves and their practice.

All of this ensures that you are put in touch with a solicitor that already has a basic understanding of your case and is able to effectively assist you with your legal matter.

If you need an experienced and reliable solicitor to assist you with a legal matter, please give Contact Law a call today and one of our telephone advisors will be happy to assist you further.

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