Interviewing a solicitor


Once you have identified a few solicitors who might be able to assist you with your matter (hopefully because we have been able to help you!), a good idea is to speak to them initially over the phone so that you can ask some questions before you commit yourself to a more formal meeting.

The answers you get in your initial conversation will help you get a better idea of which solicitor will be the most suitable for your case. It is a good idea to write down any answers you receive, and you can then compare the answers to help you to make a final decision about who you should meet.

Some initial questions you might ask are:

  • Does the solicitor provide a free initial consultation? If the solicitor charges for an initial interview, how much does it cost? How long is the initial interview or consultation?
  • What type of arrangement does the solicitor require with regards to payment? Does he require an initial payment on account of costs? Can you negotiate the fees? Additional information about legal fees and costs may help you ask additional questions on this topic
  • Has the solicitor handled similar cases previously? What percentage of the solicitor's cases are similar to yours? When was the last time the solicitor handled a similar case?
  • How long has the solicitor been in practice? Have they ever been investigated by the Legal Complaints Service or disciplined by the Solicitor's Disciplinary Tribunal? If so, what for?
  • Can the solicitor provide references from other clients?
  • If the solicitor cannot handle your case, can he or she provide references to other solicitors who can?
  • What type of information should you bring to a meeting with the solicitor?
  • What is the range of possible outcomes for your case, including rough estimates of time and cost? Based on your brief description of the problem, your solicitor may be able to provide some general estimates
  • Will the solicitor handle the case or will others work on it also?
  • What type of caseload does the solicitor currently have? What is the scope of the solicitor's existing commitments? Will the solicitor have sufficient time to devote to your case?

If you are able to narrow down your choices, you should be able to make an appointment with a solicitor to discuss the case in detail. During the initial interview you will likely be asked about the specifics of your case. In order to prepare for the meeting, you should gather all the information (documents, contact information) pertinent too your situation. You will want to bring those materials, along with a set of questions about the legal relationship you may have to the meeting.

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